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Walk tall as the trees; live strong as the mountains; be gentle as the spring winds; keep the warmth of summer in your heart, and the Great Spirit will always be with you.
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Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Grey's, Supernatural, P'hood, Flash, Scandal, Bones, NCIS and More


Question: Any news on Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Criminal Minds character? —Michael

Ausiello: Turns out that the the BAU team previously made the (off screen) acquaintance of J.Love’s character — because FBI agent Kate Callahan apparently was on hand for their bar-closing karaoke night last season. Nonetheless, they’re a bit startled by the way she resurfaces in their world. “You see [Kate] doing something you don’t see our team ever doing, which is schmoozing with a bad guy, working undercover to take a pedophile down,” show boss Erica Messer shares. “We’ve never seen our team pretend to like a criminal, so right off the bat she’s different in that way.”

“We’ve never seen our team pretend to like a criminal…” -Messer
Wrong. How many times have members of the team, male and female, “schmoozed” with a bad guy? Several. Hotch pretending to commiserate with a guy and kissing his ass to get him to reveal the location of  dead body, Rossi playing the sympathetic ear to another unsub, Prentiss pretending to be into BDSM or whatever to get some unsub to spill/pretending to be a fan girl, Reid flattering that weird hypnotist magician guy, JJ flirting with people to get her way…I could go on. The whole premise is that they can get into criminals’ minds and figure out what they want or need, and sometimes that involves playing into that. So sorry Ms. Messer, but I feel that we have seen this before, unless JLH’s character makes out with the guy or something. I can see where perhaps she may approach things differently, but your description does a terrible job trying to portray that. I hope she’s different in that she is not a hard-ass femme fatale ninja in heels like JJ 2.0. I hope she’s actually in tune with her feelings and can be nurturing and kind and feminine and strong, because kicking ass does not equal strong, strength of character-whichever kind of character it may be-is strong. Being the strongest “you”, for lack of better turn of phrase. Please don’t ruin her character for me before I even see it. And please figure out what you’re doing as showrunner, because statements like these are a turn off. 

That woman is an absolute moron, isn’t she?  = \   
Does anyone else ever wonder if the “Alcoholic Strauss Redemption” plotline was autobiographical for Messer? 

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